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Population Health

Integrating clinical information across the health system to enable safer, well-informed, more personalised patient care

As part of our commitment to improving lives through connected healthcare, Telstra Health is working with health organisations and funders to integrate clinical information around a patient to support a more patient-focused health system.

Our health information platforms and registers provide a secure and robust way to connect patients’ health information across multiple providers in near real time, across whole populations and sectors. This enables clinicians to have a more complete view of their patient’s health information, supporting improved quality and safety of care.

Telstra Health’s health information platforms and registers currently support the National Cancer Screening Register and Real Time Prescription Monitoring.

National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

Cancer screening saves lives. The NCSR is a digital health platform that enables a single electronic record for each person in Australia participating in cervical and bowel screening. It helps improve cancer screening outcomes for individuals by inviting and reminding eligible people when they are due for screening, and by providing screening histories to a patient’s healthcare providers to help inform appropriate care.

The NCSR is the first digital health system in Australia to comprehensively link all relevant population screening stakeholders. Commonwealth and state health authorities, GPs, specialists, public and private pathology services, and the participant.

The NCSR currently:

  • Maintains a national database of cervical screening records.
  • Invites eligible persons to commence cervical screening when they turn 25.
  • Reminds participants when they are due and overdue for cervical screening.
  • Provides a participant’s cervical screening history to laboratories to inform screening recommendations.
  • Provides a ‘safety net’ for participants who are at risk and have not attended further testing by prompting them (and their healthcare providers) to have follow up tests.

Real Time Prescription Monitoring

In 2016 there were over 1,800 deaths in Australia as a result of prescription medicine overdoses. Telstra Health’s joint venture for pharmacy and medications management solutions, Fred IT Group, was recently awarded the contract to build the National Data Exchange to enable the introduction of a national approach to real-time prescription monitoring.

This national approach will play a significant role in helping to prevent prescription medication misuse by:

  • Providing health professionals with real time, accurate and up to date clinical data about their patients’ monitored medication history at the point of prescribing and dispensing.
  • Enabling pharmacists and GPs to identify and support patients who are at risk.

Fred IT also built the Victorian real-time prescription monitoring system (SafeScript) which went live on 2nd October 2018. Fred IT will draw on its experience with this solution to support the national extension of real time prescription monitoring to health professionals in all states and territories.

To learn more about how we can support you in developing an integrated care system, send us a message.