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Queue Manager

Queue Manager is a complete outpatient check-in and patient flow solution.

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Queue Manager

Queue Manager is designed to improve efficiency and visibility in the outpatient setting, enhancing both the patient and provider experience through improved communication, efficiency, and clinic utilisation.

Busy hospital outpatient departments rely on Queue Manager for visibility of patient flow activity. Customer research has demonstrated on average: 

  • 67% reduction in did-not-waits
  • 2 FTE savings from patient check-in activities
  • 50% reduction in time patients spend in outpatient department
  • 0 code greys
  • $22K increase in revenue per month
Key features
  • Comprehensive graphical view of patient journey, status, wait times and multi disciplinary appointments.
  • Check-in functionality (kiosks, mobile devices, concierge).
  • Ability to verify patient details and reduce the need for queuing to see administration staff.
  • Patient SMS notifications.
  • Outpatient management
  • Queue Management
  • Hospital performance tools
  • System & data integration

Key benefits

Less paperwork, more patient care

Self check-in, data validation and patient tracking frees up time to enable your staff to focus on what really matters—delivering quality care. Fewer manual processes and paperwork also improves clinical efficiency.

Enhanced patient satisfaction

Full visibility of patient status and progress helps minimise clinic congestion to prevent lengthy wait times, failure to attends and did-not-waits.

Cost savings

A comprehensive, consolidated overview of patient activities allows for more accurate resourcing, which reduces the costs and challenges associated with staff overtime.

How Austin Health streamlines claiming

Queue Manager has helped Austin Health to reduce the amount of administration they have when checking in up to 1,200 patients daily. This in turn has decreased patient wait times and allowed Austin Health to maximise their utilisation of appointments. 

In this video we talk with Kim O’Sullivan, Director of Patient Flow at Austin Health.

  • Patient checks-in at an outpatient department kiosk or using a mobile device.
  • Patient arrival time and status is recorded and information is verified. If data is incomplete, the patient is directed to the appropriate area.
  • Patient is provided visual wayfinding information.
  • Patient progress throughout the appointment is tracked by clinical and administrative staff.
  • Patient receives SMS updates on their appointment status.
  • Dashboards or journey boards display the appointment status of each patient, allowing departments to call on patients when ready.
  • Patient calling functionality allows staff to call the patient from anywhere in the department.
  • Functionality to capture appointment outcome and rebooking information supports efficient and effective team communication.
  • The Queue Manager QClaim module enables capture of billing information.

“Queue Manager has radically improved patient movement through our outpatient clinics.”

Kristy Brown, Patient Systems Manager, Queensland Metro North Health Services District


“Patient self-check-in at clinics at the Austin Hospital/Olivia Newton John Cancer centre! Just like Qantas - very cool.”

David Hansen, CEO, CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre

Trusted by:

  • Austin Hospital
  • Bendigo Hospital
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital 
  • HL7 messaging and direct data access available
  • Customised views per user and function
  • Medicare and DVA card compatibility 

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