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Patient Flow Manager

Patient Flow Manager provides hospital clinical teams with consolidated operational and clinical information to help improve patient flow and enhance clinical care.

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Patient Flow Manager

With Patient Flow Manager you can manage the patient journey from admission to discharge through seamless integrations with your hospital’s existing systems. The platform’s modular, customisable design allows for full visibility of key information. 

Key features
  • Visibility of capacity and demand to make informed patient flow decisions.
  • Ward electronic journey boards follow the patient journey from admission to discharge.
  • Clinical task and referral management.
  • National Safety and Quality Health Standards compliant.

Health services that rely on Patient Flow Manager benefit from:

Effective patient management

Patient Flow Manager draws from inpatient, elective, emergency, and other hospital systems to provide a single source of real-time patient status information.

Efficient workflows

By enhancing visibility at a ward, unit, service department, hospital or whole of health service level, Patient Flow Manager assists with planning whilst minimising duplicate communications and reducing manual processes.

Improved compliance

Functionality, reports and modules are compliant with quality care standards and are designed to help hospitals with standardising care, discharge planning, clinical handover and patient risk management.

Hospitals around Australia use Patient Flow Manager to help improve performance and efficiency.

  • 1 day reduced in length of stay
  • 30% reduction in unexpected readmissions
  • 10% increase in NEAT compliance rates
  • 30% reduction in after-hours emergency codes

“Having implemented Patient Flow Manager, allied health referrals are now seen in real time and therefore, consultations by the relevant staff professionals happen sooner and more effectively, improving the quality of care.”

Tobi Wilson, Former Chief Operating Officer, Royal Melbourne Hospital

“Patient Flow Manager has been a foundation in helping us deliver on improved organisation-wide access performance, and deliver on the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.”

Dean Jones, Associate Program Director, Eastern Health  

Trusted by:

  • Monash Health
  • Melbourne Health
  • Bendigo Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Tasmanian Health Service
  • Queensland Health
  • Comprehensive graphical view of patient flow information
  • Standards-compliant ward handover reports
  • Track resource activities and log service utilisations
  • Notifications available via SMS, pager, and email
  • Customised views per user
  • Accessible via desktop, mobile, or touch screen journey board
  • Forecast future demand with powerful algorithms developed in partnership with CSIRO

Patient Flow Manager has 8 optional modules available that offer additional functionality, fully customisable to meet your organisation’s needs:

  • Discharge Planning
  • Medtasker - Clinical Task Management
  • Nurse Allocation
  • Operational Command Centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Pressure Injury Surveillance
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Theatre

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Integrating Patient Flow Manager with Telstra Health’s EMR offers organisations an enhanced visualisation of the patient journey and communication of key clinical information.  

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Find out how Patient Flow Manager can help your hospital to improve patient flow and enhance clinical care.

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