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Outpatient Solution

Telstra Health’s Outpatient Solution enhances outpatient journey touchpoints to improve the patient experience and support flow in and out of your hospital.

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Outpatient Solution

About the Outpatient Solution


Utilising leading healthcare technology our Outpatient Solution optimises every stage of the outpatient journey; from pre-appointment to the day of appointment and patient follow-up. Improve operational efficiencies and ease cost pressures through better referral management, appointment management and patient communications. Flexible and modular, our solution can be configured to suit your hospital’s needs and alleviate key pain points.  A unique feature of our solution is the patient access it provides to My Health Record via the app, enabling patients to stay on top of their key health information.


Key benefits

Reduce administrative effort

A seamless digital process supports key administrative tasks including billing information capture and integration to your systems, enabling your staff focus on what matters most: providing better patient care.

Improve clinic management and resourcing

Better visibility of patient flow supports optimised scheduling of appointments at your clinic. Mobile patient check-in helps minimise queues. Ability to send mobile notifications of appointment reminders, delays or changes to manage patient’s expectations and reduce ‘failure to attend’ rates.

Enhance the patient experience

Use the patient mobile app to keep patients in the loop with key appointment information and reminders. Wayfinding functionality provided by the app guides patients to the right location for their appointment on the way to, and within the hospital setting. Post-appointment surveys provide your clinic with direct feedback.

How it works

How the Outpatient Solution works

Patient mobile app
Send key patient information, coordinate and confirm appointments. 

Digital queue management
A staff dashboard view of the patient journeys, status and wait times. 

Referral management
Electronic referrals are easily generated from a variety of desktop systems. Manage incoming referrals and easily triage and track referrals electronically.

Billing integration
A digital billing process removes the need for paper-based data collection and helps reduce delays in submission, lost revenue due to incorrect MBS codes and rejected claims due to invalid data. 

Our solution is modular, and allows your health service to pick and choose key functionality. In the future, the solution will integrate more of our digital healthcare capabilities including:

  • Care plan management through the patient mobile app.
  • Ability for patients to send messages, photos or documents securely to the hopital.
  • Medications management through the app.
  • Appointments facilitated via telehealth.
  • Ability to share clinical reports and medical imaging to patients through the app.
  • Augmented reality wayfinding.
  • Integration with health devices for vitals monitoring.

Queue Manager

Queue Manager is designed to improve efficiency and visibility in the outpatient setting, enhancing both the patient and provider experience through improved communication, efficiency, and clinic utilisation.

HealthNow Mobile App

Secure, convenient and easy to use, the HealthNow app is a digital hub for everything from appointments and contact details to referrals, records and more. It provides access to My Health Record and your key health information. 

Secure Messaging - Argus

Argus automatically delivers correspondence into compatible clinical software solutions, removing the administration associated with maintaining a complete patient record. Operating seamlessly in the background, Argus manages the complexities around encryption and decryption.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Our EMR is a digital platform that allows users to access information across the entire patient journey, empowering clinicians to provide high quality patient care. From pre-admission care to discharge, it enables greater visibility of electronic medical records across the teams involved in patient care. Highly configurable, it is designed to support your team in providing the best patient health outcomes

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