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Fast Forms

Fast Forms is a dynamic tool that enables users to easily create and manage online forms.

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Fast Forms

Designed to offer health services increased operational efficiency, Fast Forms reduces the need for traditional paper or PDF forms by directly and instantly transmitting data into the recipient’s nominated system. 

Key features
  • Interoperable with clinical practice systems, pulling patient information and pre-populating nominated fields.
  • FHIR standards compliant.
  • Customisable to align with branding, layout and logos.
  • Referral management
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure information exchange, referrals and clinical notes
  • Workforce efficiency

Health organisations that use Fast Forms benefit from:

Time savings

Because Fast Forms is fully configurable to match receiving systems’ fields, information can be easily and directly pre-populated into patient records.

Reduced clinical risk

Automatic form pre-population saves time and clinician input, reducing the risk of human error that can result from manually transcribing data from paper forms.

Cost savings

By making information instantly available online, Fast Forms reduces the costs associated with paper storage and physical delivery.

  • Can be launched from websites or external systems.
  • Save outgoing forms in a variety of formats for clear identification of treatment/visit history or interactions.
  • Create dynamic forms based on a decision tree.
  • Configurable to allow stand-alone sign on (verification) or utilise single sign on (SSO) via existing clinical applications.
  • Supports electronic signing.
  • Create and save drafts .

Enterprise Provider Directory
The EPD helps hospitals and large health services to manage practitioner, service and organisation details across multiple information systems. It reduces errors and miscommunication resulting from keeping information in multiple, siloed locations, helping to ensure that information is centralised. current, and easily accessible via an enriched dataset.

Argus is a secure, reliable electronic messaging service developed to national standards to enable communication between healthcare providers.

Designed with interoperability top of mind, ConnectingCare is a fast, convenient way for mobile health care providers and community agencies to securely exchange electronic referrals, service requests, feedback, care coordination plans and more.

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Fast Forms removes the need to create and manually maintain multiple forms. Find out how we can help you too.

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Unique footprint

We have a unique footprint of digital health software solutions, including Electronic Medical Records and clinical and administrative software for the hospital, primary care, pharmacy, and aged and disability care sectors. We also deliver platforms that connect clinical information across multiple providers to improve patient care. We provide innovative solutions in health data analytics and new ways to deliver care, through telehealth and consumer solutions.

Clinical collaboration

Our solutions have been developed collaboratively with clinicians and providers to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, enable best practice care, and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.

Investment in innovation

We are making substantial investments in innovation, research and developing our products, to deliver clinicians and consumers class-leading products that improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care.

Connecting across healthcare

Our solutions connect across and beyond our portfolio, linking information to support the delivery of truly integrated care across the healthcare ecosystem.

Safety, security and privacy

We maintain rigorous governance and clinical input at scale to ensure our solutions are safe, secure and high quality. We leverage the capability, security and reach of Telstra, Australia's leading technology company.