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Electronic Medical Record

The Telstra Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an integrated hospital information system that allows users to capture, manage and share clinical information throughout the patient journey.

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Electronic Medical Record

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start on your digital journey? Record and review clinical and patient information with a digital platform that’s flexible, scalable and integrates with most systems across the Australian healthcare sector.

Our EMR is a digital platform that allows users to access information across the entire patient journey, empowering clinicians to provide high quality patient care.

From pre-admission care to discharge, it enables greater visibility of electronic medical records across the teams involved in patient care. Highly configurable, it is designed to support your team in providing the best patient health outcomes. 

Key features
  • Clinical workflow automation and decision support.
  • 30+ modules, including Emergency Department and Operating Theatre, easily configurable to meet your health facility’s needs.
  • Active directory integration for user authentication, role-based access and increased security.
  • Scanned Medical Records (SMR) and electronic registration portal (eReg) support patient information digitisation.
  • Clinical & Government reporting
  • Electronic medical records
  • Bookings & scheduling
  • Operating theatre solutions
  • Referral management
  • +3 more
  • Mobility provider apps
  • Document management & storage
  • Patient administration systems
  • View all
  • Staff communication
  • Emergency department solutions
  • Secure information exchange, referrals and clinical notes

Hospitals that choose our EMR benefit from:

Centralised Patient Medical Record

Provides access for all clinical staff to a single point of reference, both internally and outside the hospital environment.

On-demand information

Telstra Health’s EMR uses open standards to seamlessly connect clinical information across multiple systems and multiple devices. The native iOS application provides desktop-free access to core system functions.

Reduced costs

By reducing the need for and dependence on paper records, our EMR can reduce the costs associated with on- and off-site paper medical record storage and retrieval.

Telstra Health's Open EMR ecosystem provides comprehensive functionality while integrating with best of breed specialised systems.

We offer over 30 modules easily configurable to meet your health facility’s needs including:

  • Scanned medical record
  • Orders
  • Results
  • Observations
  • Forms
  • Mobility
  • Maternity
  • Emergency
  • Operating theatre

Adaptable to different hospital needs, our EMR supports private and public workflows and is trusted by:

  • St John of God
  • Healthscope
  • Royal Rehabilitation Services
  • Mercy Health
  • St Vincent’s

Telstra Health EMR  is a modular system that allows your organisation to choose which functionality is required for your needs. Capabilities include:

  • External Referrals to triage and manage incoming referrals
  • E- Registration - capture registration information prior to arriving at the hospital
  • Help manage clinical risk using our comprehensive allergies and alerts functionality
  • Configurable assessments for easy data capture and reporting
  • Configurable clinical pathways to support best practice clinical care
  • Communicate internally and externally using letters, internal referrals and clinical messaging via secure messaging services
  • My Health Record integration including updating of discharge summaries
  • Integration with radiology and pathology systems for electronic ordering and viewing of results
  • Access to information on mobile devices
  • Appointment scheduling and billing
  • Access for external providers and/or patients
  • Scanned Medical Records to simplify existing record capture

Enterprise Provider Directory

The EPD helps hospitals and large health services to manage practitioner, service and organisation details across multiple information systems. It reduces errors and miscommunication resulting from keeping information in multiple, siloed locations, helping to ensure that information is centralised. current, and easily accessible via an enriched dataset.

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Our EMR helps public and private health facilities around Australia securely and efficiently manage patient information. Find out how we can help you too.

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