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Webinar: The role of digital health in responding to COVID-19

Telstra Health Webinar

On Wednesday 29 April Telstra Health hosted an insightful webinar event focused on ‘The Role of Digital Health in responding to COVID-19’.

Hosted by Telstra Health Managing Director Prof Mary Foley AM, senior representatives of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre joined for a virtual panel event with Chief Medical Officer Dr Vincent McCauley, Chief Technology Officer Russel Duncan and Founder and CEO of Fred IT Group Paul Naismith. 


Panellists discussed the incremental changes the COVID-19 virus has presented for healthcare, pharmaceutical and aged care systems, the changes Australia could expect to see, and plans for ongoing reforms to the digital health sector.

The experts across the three organisations also explored the rapid changes in government policy and the response of health and aged care providers as COVID-19 has spread through communities, and the ways in which digital health platforms can, and will continue to support providers across private, public and governments during this period.

The webinar attracted interest from several hundred healthcare professionals, digital health enthusiasts, and industry body representatives across healthcare, aged and disability care and the pharmaceutical sector, among many others.

Prof Foley said, “I would like to thank all of those who participated and were able to join our webinar event as we continue to share our insights into the vital role of digital health and its exceptional capabilities.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr Vincent McCauley said, “While digital health has been crucial to finding solutions for healthcare, aged care and pharmaceutical systems for many years, COVID-19 has created a significant period of innovation that has created short-term and long-term opportunities for the way healthcare is delivered.”

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