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Are these new innovations the future of health-tech?

Are these new innovations the future of health-tech?

The Telstra Health team were recently at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) international conference in Las Vegas where we spotted some interesting technology innovations which may have the ability to enhance day-to-day practice and support better patient outcomes. Here are some of the innovations that caught our eye:

Zipline drones

Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo showed us how his drone aircraft delivers blood products to any hospital in Rwanda within 15 minutes. They will be moving in to Tanzania next and anticipate that they could conceivably deliver medical supplies to doorsteps around the globe. To learn more, see:

Google Glass 2

No more shuffling through paperwork - we were shown how doctors using 'Glass' can view up-to-date patient records and pathology results via an unobtrusive screen visible in their peripheral vision, while conducting an examination. Learn more here:


Parents using the Tyto camera-sensor-telehealth enabled device are guided through a comprehensive examination of their sick child with information being fed to a GP in real time. We learnt how the device can help diagnose ear infections, gastro, bronchitis and more. Further information here:

Virtual voyages

There are already augmented reality apps to teach students about human physiology but imagine if doctors could don virtual reality goggles and walk through a patient's 3D imaging. This is technology to watch in the coming years. Get a preview here:

Smart asthama inhalers

Smart puffers are a recent innovation but we get the sense we'll be breathing easier as this technology can now remind people when to medicate and check they got the correct dose. For details, see and

Wound measurement cameraNurses conducting home visits or ward rounds can use this Wi-Fi enabled camera to accurately measure patient wounds and send images back to other healthcare professionals for review. Check it out here:

Male home fertility test kit

It's rarely discussed but sperm counts are falling significantly in western men*. The Trak Male Fertility Testing System provides a home testing kit and app access to good-humoured tips for men on improving sperm health. Further information can be found here:
* ABC News: