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Aged care provider Latvian Friendly Society reduces time spent on Medicare claiming

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The Latvian Friendly Society is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation that delivers care and support through a retirement village and aged care facility. Latvian Friendly Society implemented Telstra Health’s full residential aged care software suite to help support their continuum of care. Utilising Clinical, Care and Medication Management in conjunction with Resident Manager software enabled their organisation to cut down on documentation and streamline administrative processes.

Director of Nursing, Markus Draguns, explained why Latvian Friendly Society decided to partner with Telstra Health for their clinical, medication and resident management needs, and how the new Resident Manager software has benefited their organisation.

Streamlining staff processes

Telstra Health created Resident Manager software to help residential aged care providers to better coordinate the administration, resident management, and funding and reporting process. With a Medicare B2B event integration, providers can utilise Resident Manager to manage their admissions, departures, leave and Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) submissions.

The clinical staff at Latvian Friendly Society were able to utilise Resident Manager to streamline their clinical admission and leave management process. Markus explained that since implementing Resident Manager, there have been fewer user errors throughout this process, as the software alerts staff to mistakes before they are submitted to Medicare. The transfer of information on admission from Resident Manager to Clinical, Care and Medication Management helped to reduce data entry for the team at Latvian Friendly Society. Staff have also found time savings with the ability to capture leads and begin the admission process before residents have even entered the building, with Markus stating, “We’re now able to enter key resident information ahead of admission so that we are better prepared for when resident arrives.”

Client first approach

Before partnering with Telstra Health, Latvian Friendly Society had utilised another vendor’s clinical system.

The emphasis on client support has been a key benefit of working with Telstra Health for Latvian Friendly Society. With a structured implementation and training program, Markus emphasised that the process ran smoothly from beginning to end.

“I found that the Telstra Health team were really there for me when it was needed, and were happy to discuss any issues as they arose”, stated Markus. “I felt like a valued client.”

Peace of mind

Resident Manager’s Medicare integration has helped to reduce the amount of time spent on the claiming process for Latvian Friendly Society, as errors are picked up prior to submission, therefore reducing the need for checks and double handling.

“Resident Manager has given me peace of mind – I now have a higher level of visibility over leave management and Medicare interactions”, stated Markus. “I no longer need to double check that everything has been correctly submitted to Medicare; I can just push a button and forget about it.”

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The is a case study only. Results will vary depending on circumstantial organisational factors, including efficient organisation implementation, and the number of modules available and implemented by the client.

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