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The Candidate Experience

Thinking about joining our Telstra Health Talent Community?

We are always keen to identify talent that may be interested in working with us.  We’d love to invite you to be part of our Talent Community and create a web resume so we can stay in touch into the future.  Join here>

Thinking about applying for a role with us?

Your application will be reviewed by one of our recruiters who may give you a follow up call to find out about your motivations and to determine if they think you’re a good fit for the role. The next step is to organise an interview with hiring manager & other peers. This is where you’ll get to showcase your skills, personality and work experience.  The last step is background checks before we make you an offer!

Carly@2x (4)

Carly - Head of Recruitment 

"I can’t stress enough the importance in asking a great question in an interview – it can really make the difference. I’m not talking about asking how many people report to the role, or the salary but questions like “Why did you join Telstra Health”, or “How does this role and team link to the strategy of your company. It gets the hiring manager talking about themselves (and who doesn’t love that!) and can will learn some invaluable insights that your competition likely won’t have!”

Apoorva@2x (2)

Apoorva - Senior Recruiter

“We all like to make the best impression in an interview, and this often results in adapting to the interviewers or company, but be yourself. Focus on your personal attributes and why they would be beneficial to the role. You will be less nervous and the hiring managers will be able to really understand you and your capabilities. It is a good opportunity for you to determine your alignment to the company, values and the role and similarly, for the hiring managers to gauge team and cultural/organisation fit.”

Bianca@2x (2)

Bianca – Senior Recruiter

“It’s so important to be prepared for an interview, to be able to talk articulately to your experience. A hiring manager doesn’t just want to know what you do, but more importantly they want to know how and why you do it! Take the time prior to an interview to really self-reflect on your career, you’d be surprised how much you learn about yourself by doing this. Reflect on your key successes and how you achieved them, the major challenges
you’ve faced and how you overcame them, and even the times you’ve failed and what you learnt from this. Reflection helps prepare you for your interview by giving you greater insight into yourself allowing you to more strongly highlight your capabilities.”