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How Telstra Health is addressing COVID-19

As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to evolve Telstra Health is committed to supporting health systems and healthcare professionals respond to this pandemic with our range of solutions.

Virtual Health Solutions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and face-to-face restrictions are enforced, access to reliable and secure virtual care solutions has never been more essential for the healthcare sector.

Telstra Health offers a wide range of virtual care solutions that can enable your team to provide high-quality, ongoing care to your patients and clients. So whether you are a hospital, health service, allied care, aged care or disability provider – we can offer a tailored solution supporting you to provide continuity of care during this challenging time. Find out more about our virtual care solutions below or contact us to discuss how we can support your organisation.

National Telehealth Connection Service (NTCS)

Is your health service looking to transition from in-person consultations to telehealth during this time? Available on a web-enabled device ie desktop or mobile, the National Telehealth Connection Service is a comprehensive telehealth solution that connects healthcare providers with their patients through a high-quality and secure video platform. It also supports scheduling, booking and clinical coordination where required.

Download the fact sheet or learn more.

This solution is suitable for:

  • GP, specialist and allied care providers
  • Hospitals and outpatient departments
  • Regional, rural and remote medical services
  • Aged and disability care providers


Virtual Health Monitoring

Is your service looking to reduce in-person visits or consultations with your elderly or at-risk patients during this time? Our Virtual Health Monitoring digital platform and health monitoring devices support health and community care services to continue to deliver high-quality care from a distance. This allows you to check-in with your patients virtually multiple times a day, and to be able to quickly identify and act on any available information regarding clinical deterioration. The platform supports mixed technology options including provisioned and/or BYO devices. For further information, please contact us.

Download the fact sheet or learn more.

This solution is suitable for:

  • Aged and disability care providers
  • Hospitals
  • Regional, rural and remote medical services


Virtual Clinical Services

Virtual Clinical Services are trusted by many health jurisdictions, networks, rural and regional care providers to help provide or supplement healthcare for entire populations. These services enable patients to access high-quality virtual
consultations with doctors, specialists or psychologists anytime.

This solution also supports hospitals and health services to overcome resourcing gaps and ease the administrative burden associated with appointment scheduling and coordination. It can provide access to a qualified national workforce of clinicians to support your own team, workflow advice and virtual consult coordination.

Download the fact sheet or learn more.

This solution is suitable for:

  • Health departments and directorates
  • Primary Health Networks (PHNs)
  • Regional and rural health networks
  • Hospitals including outpatient and emergency departments (Non-urgent cases)
  • Aged, community and disability care
  • Corporates
  • Health and travel insurers

Medtasker Communication Solution

Medtasker has been designed by clinical staff to help improve patient safety and increase hospital efficiency. The solution helps to improve the efficiency of hospital staff and flow of information between staff by prioritising and allocating clinical tasks.

Clinicians can allocate tasks, such as COVID-19 test swabs, patient deterioration action, and immediate test results delivery to the appropriate staff member through their desktop PC or web-enabled smart device. The allocated individual receives the task and if they are unable to action this they can immediately forward it onto a relevant staff member with the appropriate skills to complete the task, allowing incomplete tasks to be monitored and reported on.

The system helps to ensure tasks are assigned to the appropriate and available individual, in a way that does not interrupt what they are doing and provides them with the necessary information.

Medtasker is available as either an integrated module of Telstra Health’s market leading patient flow platform, Patient Flow Manager, or as a standalone app. It is built on a foundation of international health standards, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and HL7. 

Click here to learn more about Medtasker.

This solution is suitable for:

  • Hospitals and outpatient departments 



Testing Triage Solution

Our Testing Triage Solution helps enable healthcare providers to quickly, and virtually triage patients, helping to reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital, improve patient flow and reduce manual data entry. 

How it works:

  1. Organisations either share a link to the pre-screening assessment on their website or get patients to call, giving their name and phone number to be sent a link to the online assessment. 
  2. The patient completes the online assessment to see if they require COVID-19 testing. If the patient requires testing, an appointment is automatically scheduled, and they are sent the details via SMS.
  3. Patients visit the COVID-19 testing clinic or drive-through testing clinic. If results come back negative, the patient receives an SMS, and are followed up by SMS in a few days to monitor their symptoms and see if they require re-testing. If positive, the hospital will call to give results and advice. 

Problems we help solve:

  • Assist with reducing the need/time for hospital staff to pre-screen
  • Communicate more quickly and clearly to ‘test eligible’ patients
  • Assist with reducing the number of people showing up who are not eligible for testing
  • Better manage the number of people in testing spaces
  • Assist with reducing the need/time for hospital staff to communicate a negative result
  • Retain patient presentations that can be accessed for retrospective entry to hospital source system.

As a standalone solution, it is open to all healthcare services regardless of whether they are existing Telstra Health customers. The solution can be implemented in a few days.  

Call 1800 HEALTH (1800 432 5840) or email us to talk about how we can support your organisation.



Solutions for Existing Customers: Patient Flow Manager

We have implemented a new COVID-19 module in Patient Flow Manager to assist hospitals in managing suspected and confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus.

Patient Flow Manager provides hospital clinical teams with consolidated operational and clinical information to help improve patient flow, allocate resources accordingly and enhance clinical care. The platform enables you to manage the patient journey from admission to discharge through seamless integrations with your hospital’s existing systems. The modular, customisable design allows for full visibility of key information.

The new COVID-19 module enables hospitals to:

  • Capture information to identify patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
  • Flag these patients on the  Inpatient Journey Board to provide staff with visibility of all cases 
  • Automatically notify specified people/departments within the hospital when a patient is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Identify specific bed categories that are available within the hospital for isolation such as negative pressure rooms, single rooms
  • Produce specific reports related to COVID-19

The new COVID-19 module is customisable, allowing hospitals to implement the features specific to their individual needs.

Click here to learn more about Patient Flow Manager. If you are an existing Patient Flow Manager customer and require support please phone 1300 554 997.

Message Manager

With Message Manager, residential aged care providers can quickly and easily communicate with residents’ loved ones about changes or restrictions related to COVID-19.

Providers can communicate with multiple families at once, either in groups such as per wing or to all facility primary contacts. Clear and frequent communication has never been more vital, with residential aged care providers utilising the software to streamline the process which ordinarily may involve multiple calls, voicemails, and individual SMS messages.

Communications about visiting restrictions, health protocols, government changes, and the social and physical wellbeing of residents are easily and quickly sent to residents’ families for peace of mind.

This solution is suitable for:

  • Residential aged care providers

Message Manager has been developed as a tool within Telstra Health’s Clinical and Care Management solution. Learn more.


Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vince McCauley shares how telehealth is supporting medical practitioners, patients and healthcare organisations in the COVID-19 response.



In this second update Dr Vince discusses the organisations that can most benefit from telehealth solutions and shares his insights into its future.

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