Key features

  • Secure, reliable network.
  • Tailored to the healthcare system.
  • Enterprise-grade solution.

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Why Virtual Health Connection?

Available on a web-enabled device, such as a desktop or mobile phone, the Virtual Health Connection service (VHC) is a comprehensive telehealth solution that connects healthcare providers with their patients through a high-quality and secure video platform. It also supports scheduling, booking and clinical coordination where required.

Traditionally, telehealth networks operate as siloed, incompatible systems. The VHC solves this challenge through a virtual healthcare system which allows individual organisations across Australia to connect securely and reliably.

Unlike some video conference platforms, the VHC is tailored to the healthcare sector therefore it integrates with existing healthcare systems, and offers features such as appointment scheduling engine to assist with scheduling appointments, and communication tools to securely share clinical documents for receiving second opinions from health professionals.

Key product benefits

Accessible patient care

Facilitate clinical consultations through enterprise-level end points or on any browser or mobile device, regardless of the patient’s location.


Tailored to the healthcare system

As the largest Australian-based software provider for healthcare providers, our VHC solution has been developed collaboratively with clinicians and providers to ensure it is fit-for-purpose, enables best practice care, and meets the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. 

Enterprise-grade solution

A central platform linking government, and non-government providers, and connectivity between jurisdictions to overcome the challenge of different networks having multiple systems, equipment, protocols, bandwidths and connection methods.


“What has not been addressed previously is an effective way for cross jurisdictional Video Conferencing and Telehealth services to occur. Jurisdictions wishing to conference outside their own boundaries are forced to connect, test and debug communication with every other party of interest.” 
– NT Government Department of Health on Development of a Telehealth Connection Service 


Additional information

Tailored Solution: Our team of experts work with the organisation to understand their requirements, and help to overcome challenges such as different networks having multiple systems, equipment, protocols, bandwidths and connection methods to deliver an effective means to connect. 

Video-conferencing: High-quality, secure, multi-party video platform with dynamic bandwidth adjustment designed to operate in areas with low connectivity.  

Scheduling and booking: Simplifies scheduling through Microsoft Outlook integration and automatic time zone adjustment for telehealth participants in different locations. 

Helpdesk support: Ongoing helpdesk support via a single point of service that can be accessed in ways that suit the participants. Support is a critical component of our offering to ensure that each patient can connect to their provider. 

The Virtual Health Connection is suitable for, but not limited, to:

  • Health jurisdictions

  • Hospitals/hospital groups – outpatients, emergency departments, specialist services

  • Aboriginal medical sites

  • Registered aged care facilities

  • Community care organisations

  • GP, specialists and allied care providers 

  • Regional, rural and remote medical services

  • Aged and disability care providers

Key features

  • Enterprise-grade solution: the solution is enterprise-grade and adapts to multiple workflows.

  • Helpdesk support: support is a critical component to ensure each patient can connect to their provider and helpdesk support via a single point of service is accessible to patients in ways that suit their needs. 

  • Reliable and secure network: all information is securely stored in Australia and leverages Telstra’s powerful and reliable network. The platform complies with Australian health information privacy policies and employs advanced encryption methods. 

  • Manages capacity and call quality: the platform proactively manages capacity and can assist with maintaining call quality during video conferencing as the platform is designed to work on relatively low bandwidth (however 1.5Mbps is recommended). 

  • Simplified scheduling: Microsoft Outlook integration and automatic time zone adjustment make it simple for participants in different locations.  

  • Adaptable to different devices: the web-based platform can run via a browser on a desktop, laptop, compatible smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera. 

Key functionality 

  • Cloud-based video conferencing over the internet.

  • Tenant-based with organisation's templates and branding.

  • Available on any web-enabled device e.g. desktop or mobile device.

  • Schedule unique and secure VMR.

  • Simple scheduling invitation process with multiple ways to join the call.

  • Microsoft Outlook calendar integration and automatic time zone adjustment.

  • Screen share capability and chat functionality.

  • Capability to share documents with participants throughout the call.

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