We have partnered with the Tasmanian Government and Telstra to successfully deliver a virtual monitoring program of international travelers’ health symptoms and vital signs while they are in mandatory quarantine.

This approach significantly reduces the opportunity for transmission of COVID-19 to clinical staff, hotel employees and other guests in quarantine.

Surveys of participants demonstrate that the implementation has been very successful: of the 82% of one cohort who participated in the survey, 99% either agreed or strongly agreed that the devices were easy to use. 100% stated they were able to communicate freely with health staff using the video functionality on the Bluetooth-enabled mobile device supplied to them, and 98% confirmed it was easy to take their temperature and pulse oximetry vitals. A survey of the second cohort of guests demonstrated similar results.

Click here to read the PulseIT article

Article written by Kate McDonald and first published by Pulse+IT on 28/7/2021. Access the article on the Pulse+IT website here


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